So, I truly appreciate how you challenge me to reflect on my Christian values when I am struggling with decisions that I need to make. You remind me of what I already know, but often forget or choose to ignore because it requires me to take a difficult path. Your guidance helps me to act in integrity consistently and you have truly helped me to insert God into my life in a more intentional and meaningful way. You also have really helped me to grapple with the Word and its application to my relationships with others and you help translate the Word to the struggles we encounter on a daily basis. You are especially wonderful at using the Word to challenge the status quo and all the big "isms" of the day that impact how we get along in the world. I think the most significant gift you bring to your divine work is that you help people to be their absolute best and to do God's will through challenge and support. That is no easy task.
Rashida G.

Once you understand and accept the problem, the solution becomes simple…right?

If I simply stopped listening to preachers altogether because I wasn’t being moved or challenged…

Or if I am committed to attending a particular church but just wish you got more out of the sermons…

I understand that all of those preachers have other responsibilities that separate them from the Word. Even the made-for-television preacher have congregations with congregational politics & concerns. 

So if I want to be challenged and taken deeper, I need someone who spends more time with the Word

That’s why I do what I do…

I was in neutral and just coasting. Since starting to worship at St. John the Baptist and Father Jabriel starts throwing things out there…It challenged me and made me go deeper. I found parts of my spiritual life that were essentially stagnant. It's a wonder it didn't stink. Maybe it did and maybe I just wasn't aware that I stunk. I wanted to refresh and be refreshed and so I started to go deeper. He has challenged me. And in challenging me I'm back to studying. I'm doing more Bible study. I'm reading old books that I had cast aside. Ones that I had given away, I'm buying again. Has it increased my faith? Yes. It has decreased anxiety, anger, frustration, and confusion and brought things into perspective, brought things into focus. The thing that it's brought into perspective and focus is Jesus. I am a more joyful person now that I'm on the journey to the promised land.
Patricia R.
Yes you can already listen for free!
I know…I know…
But, you want more than just listening…you want to improve your ability to deeply engage the Word. And you are committed to doing things that challenge and stretch your faith because you don’t want to take the chance that your faith remains stagnant… 
You also appreciate the work I put in and know that “the workman is worthy of his wages…”
You know that in order to have the dedicated time to dwell on the Word and report my findings to you, that time would also have to provide for my family.
I appreciate your support and our partnership.
And so, in addition to the weekly sermons, you’ll gain access to a weekly Q&A session that will allow you to dive deeper into the particular questions that were raised for you by the sermon. You’ll build community with likeminded peers who are committed to holding each other accountable to deeper engagement.
And I’ll always have some other things for those of you who are kind enough to support my ability to keep doing these messages.
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– Fr. Jabriel Ballentine